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SPECIAL OFFER - Awe of God, Possessed by God, Citywide Transformation

SPECIAL OFFER - Awe of God, Possessed by God, Citywide Transformation

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The secret to a life filled with righteousness, peace and joy is understanding the healthy and holy fear of the Lord. There are many benefits to cultivating the fear of the Lord in your heart. Be empowered to live in a way that pleases God and receive the fullness of His blessings in your life including wisdom, victory, protection, joy, peace and so much more!

Teachings Include:

- Benefits of the Fear of the Lord
- Living in a Way that Pleases God

- Revival of Humility and the Fear of the Lord

It’s possible to live the best life God has for you, a life of holiness, purity and freedom. You can live without mixture and be a consecrated vessel to God, made ready for every good work He has for you to do. Learn to be possessed by the Holy Spirit and live in the power of His holiness.

Teachings Include:

- There’s a Shaking

- Holiness Revival

- His Love for Righteousness
Living Without Mixture

God desires to visit and transform whole cities and regions with His presence. See a portrait of revival and obtain the keys to see your city impacted with a move of God’s Spirit. God desires to awaken your heart, your family, your neighborhood, your workplace and your city. Learn how to facilitate and steward a move of God in your life and region.

Teachings Include:

- A Portrait of Revival

- Seven Keys to Citywide Revival

- The Third Great Awakening

- Facilitating the Move of God

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