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Matt Sorger Ministries

Angels (MP3)

Angels (MP3)

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Angels, Discerning of Spirits & Overcoming Spiritual Warfare
In this life-changing series Matt uncovers the reality of angelic activity and encounters happening in the earth today. Matt, sharing from his own personal life journey and experience, reveals the seven functions of angels and teaches you how to accurately operate in the discerning of spirits. You will learn the purpose of discernment, how to discern and what to do when you get it. This series is a must for all intercessors and for those who are sensitive to the spirit realm. It’s also for those who want to increase their sensitivity to the realm of the spirit. You will also learn how to live in the glory and rise above a constant sense of spiritual warfare.

Teachings Include:

Angelic Visitations

Operating in the Discerning of Spirits
Living in the Atmosphere of Heaven: Rising Above Spiritual Warfare

The Divine Assistance of Angels

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