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Matt Sorger

Awakening Prayer & Worship Album (MP3)

Awakening Prayer & Worship Album (MP3)

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Encountering the Manifest Glory of God

On this instrumental scripture and prayer album, Matt captures the heart of the Spirit of Awakening with a holy cry for more of God’s glory. You will be soaked with the tangible, manifest Glory of God, releasing His fire and power in your life. This album will usher you into God’s glorious presence as you are anointed to become a spark for awakening and revival in the earth!

1. The Flame of God

2. The Revival Mantle

3. Holy Ground

4. Show Me Your Glory

5. Solitude: Alone With God

6. Holy Desperation

7. Possess Me, Holy Spirit

8. Beholding Your Glory

9. Carrying The Glory

A Personal Note from Matt:
 I feel this album is our most powerful prayer and scripture one yet! This is more than just scripture reading. It is a private window into my personal time with the Lord. The Lord took us very deep into prayer and worship during the recording. It carries a tangible revival and glory anointing that I know will have a deep impact on your spirit. I know as we seek the Lord together you will be ignited with a fresh anointing and power in your life to love Jesus and be filled with the glory of the Holy Spirit. God Bless!


"Awakening by Matt Sorger is extremely powerful. It contains life-changing keys to ministering in true supernatural power. It will draw you into the depths of God’s heart in prayer and contemplative worship. If you want to know the presence of God in a deeper way, listen . . . and learn." - Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Be a Hero Ministries

"Matt Sorger is part of the new bread of leadership coming from this emerging generation that has received an amazing grace to lead the church into deeper intimacy with Jesus and an anointing to release greater faith for this present revival. Matt’s new album, Awakening, is a tremendous tool for that end and I highly recommend it." - Che Ahn, Harvest International Ministries and Harvest Rock Church

"Matt Sorger is one of the new breed of fiery revivalist the Lord is raising up in the land. His Awakening album is filled with deep passion as he shares the Word of God in tandem with his own encounters with Jesus. If you are longing for the deeper things of the Spirit, this album will whet your appetite and awaken your heart to go places with God you didn’t think possible. Once you’ve tasted His presence, you can’t go back!" - Jill Austin, Master Potter Ministries

"Matt Sorger lives, breathes, and imparts the Revival Mantle! Listen and take it in... God is giving something to His Church through Matt's prophetic prayer on this album! You will be caught up as you listen!" - Brian Simmons, Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven, CT

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