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BOGO - Heavenly Mantles & The Secret to the Anointing (MP3)

BOGO - Heavenly Mantles & The Secret to the Anointing (MP3)

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Heavenly Mantles

Empowered for Your Purpose

God is releasing new mantles today that will empower His people to do things that have never been done before in history. God has a unique mantle made just for you that will empower you for your divine call and purpose. It’s time to pick up your mantle and run with it. In this four part series you will learn how to pick up your mantle and see God’s purposes fulfilled through your life. You will also receive prophetic insight into the mantles God is releasing in these last days including mantles for mass deliverance, creative miracles, divine favor and more! You will also receive greater understanding into the company of people found in Rev 11. You may be one of them! Get ready to be empowered from heaven.

Teachings Include:

Accessing the Mantle Room of Heaven

The Journey into the Mantle
The Mantle for Creative Miracles
The End Time Mantles of the Book of Revelation


The Secret To The Anointing

Flowing in the Spirit without Limits

Have you ever seen someone anointed by God and wondered “How did they get there? What do I need to do to get what they got?” In this series you will learn the answer to those questions and much more as Matt shares with you the ultimate secret to operating in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As you listen you will be completely set free to move to a new level of His tangible anointing in your life. Matt will teach you how to yield to the Holy Spirit and see His power flow through you. Matt will also share with you two life changing keys to the anointing as well as share the secret to accessing the Spirit without measure. Get ready to be anointed by God!

Teachings Include:
Yielding to the Holy Spirit

Accessing the Spirit without Measure

The Kingly Anointing

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