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Matt Sorger

BOGO - Presence Driven Life Set PLUS Living in the Glory Set

BOGO - Presence Driven Life Set PLUS Living in the Glory Set

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The Presence Driven Life

Does life have you stressed out and feeling depressed and overwhelmed? Then this series is for you! You will learn how to apply God’s word and power to your everyday life. Filled with lots of humor, Matt teaches how to overcome the negatives of life and turn even the worst situations around. You will learn the secrets to supernatural joy and how to start really enjoying the life God has given you. You will become presence driven, not stress driven. Get ready to breakthrough, overcome and be the happiest person you can be!

Teachings Include:

Stress Free Living

How to Overcome the Negatives of Life

The Presence Driven Life

Nine Keys to Living in Supernatural Joy




Living In The Glory

Abiding in the Manifest Presence

God's manifested glory is not just for a good church service. He desires for you to live there! In this powerful series, Matt teaches you how to continually access and abide in God's glory 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He teaches by revelation what the glory of God truly is and how God reveals His glory to us. Everything you need is found in the glory, including divine healing, deliverance, provision and protection! You will learn how to prepare your life to be a resting place for God and how to live in His presence at all times. Get ready to be soaked with the Holy Spirit and go to the next level of God's power in your life!

Teachings Include:

Show Me Your Glory

Preparing Your House for Glory

The Heart of Worship

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