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Matt Sorger Ministries

Breaking Strongholds (MP3)

Breaking Strongholds (MP3)

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Breaking Strongholds

From Slavery to Freedom

Are you tired of the emotional roller coaster ride? Do you want to walk in lasting freedom and victory? In this series, Matt ministers on how to break the strongholds of the enemy in your life and in the lives of those you minister to. He not only addresses the topic of the demonic, but he also shares on how to gain lasting victory over patterns of iniquity and sin passed down through the generational bloodline. He teaches on the process of transformation each Christian must walk through and how to renew the mind and expose the lies of the enemy. If you desire to live in complete freedom as well as minister that freedom to others, then this series is for you!

Teachings Include:

Overcoming Generational Sins
Breaking Strongholds - Part I
Breaking Strongholds - Part II

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