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Matt Sorger

BOGO - Shift Your Season, Advancing Your Destiny, Out with the Old In with the New, and Divine Emergence (MP3)

BOGO - Shift Your Season, Advancing Your Destiny, Out with the Old In with the New, and Divine Emergence (MP3)

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1. Advancing Your Destiny

How to Pull Your Future into Your Now

There is power in vision. When you can see with the eyes of the Spirit, all the limitations of the natural are removed. In this powerful four part teaching series Matt teaches with scriptural clarity how to pull God’s timing into your “now moment”. Matt addresses the concept of God’s timing and brings some much needed truth and revelation into this area. You will also learn how to live with a spirit of excellence and advance your life and ministry forward with exponential growth. Get ready to access God’s supernatural grace and power in your life today!

Teachings Include:

The Power of Vision and Destiny
Advancing Your Destiny with Excellence
Pulling Your Future into Your Now

Unleashing Your Prophetic Promise

2. Out with the Old, In with the New 

When God brings a shift or change in your life, not everything from your past season will go with you into the new. He will often clear out the old to make room for the new. God will also stretch you beyond your current comfort zones to bring you where you have never gone before. He will clear out every obstacle to His divine will and bring to pass His plan and destiny for you. This series will empower you to successfully transition into the new place God has for you.

Teachings Include:

Make Room for the New
A New Mantle for a New Season
Double for Your Trouble

3. Shift Your Season

Many get stuck in a negative season longer than they have to. You have more power than you think to see your season change. Learn how to shift your season, see God’s destiny manifested in your life, see everything the enemy has stolen restored seven fold, reverse every area of hidden captivity, and obtain the good harvest God has for you.

Teachings Include:

Shift Your Season

Seven Fold Restoration
Reversing Your Captivity

Obtaining Your Harvest

4. DIVINE EMERGENCE - a new prophetic teaching by Matt about emerging into the new season that God has for you. 

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