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The Lightnings of God & Prophetic Bonus Offer

The Lightnings of God & Prophetic Bonus Offer

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The Lightings of God

God’s power is like lightning: pure, divine electricity. I have seen sickness healed, demons flee and atmospheres change when God’s lightning is released. It’s like flashes of light from God’s hand. That lightning gets released through you and around you, zapping sickness, depression, anxiety, fear and torment. You can experience God’s radiations of glory and come under His overshadowing power. Get ready to be dangerous for the Kingdom!

Teachings Include:

  • The Lightnings of God
  • Glory Radiations
  • God’s Overshadowing Power
  • Overflow God’s Glory

PROPHETIC MESSAGE - COME UP HIGHER - Revelations from the Throne Room

God is giving an invitation to the Body of Christ to come up higher. We are in a season of open doors. There are several doors God is opening right now. Get a glimpse into the heavenly throne room where God reveals Himself as light, colors and stones, each having significant meaning. See God's holiness, omnipotence and eternal existence. Learn what God is looking for right now in His church. God is not only bringing us higher, but He is releasing His Kingly glory here on earth. There are strategic doors of favor and opportunity opening to you. 

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